Earwax Removal & Ear Cleaning Services

Here at Better Life Hearing, we provide earwax removal and ear cleaning services. Earwax, also known as just cerumen, is the natural substance within the ear that is created by sweat, oil, dust, and dead skin cells. While this may not sound very pleasant, the ear's adhesive properties trap dust and pollutants that might otherwise make their way into our inner ear!
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Understanding Earwax

Healthy ears require earwax to self-clean. Earwax’s sticky texture traps ear dirt and pollutants before they reach the middle or inner ear regions. Secondly, earwax helps maintain the proper balance of moisture in the ear canal, protecting the skin from dryness or irritation. Dry, flaky skin, in addition to being uncomfortable and itchy, is also more vulnerable to infection. Amongst its many other great properties, earwax protects our ears from bugs or other critters who may try to wander in our ears! Bugs find the smell of earwax unpleasant, and should they make their way into the ear canal anyways, the earwax traps them and keeps them from reaching the eardrum.

Even though everyone produces earwax, there are various types, both dry and wet. There are a number of differences in the kind of earwax produced by various people, depending their age. Younger individuals tend to produce a lighter type of earwax that darkens as a population ages. None of these colors indicate a problem, but if you notice red in your earwax contact your medical provider. Red could indicate that there is blood in your earwax, which may require immediate medical attention.

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Professional Earwax Cleaning

Earwax, under most circumstances, should be left alone to serve its function in the ear and work itself out to be replaced by fresh earwax. Usually, jaw movements from talking and chewing are enough to encourage old earwax to evacuate the ears. Some people have impacted earwax from using cotton swabs, or overproduction of earwax due to over-frequent home cleaning practices. If you have hearing loss as a result of earwax accumulation, it should be removed by a professional like Dr. Lisa Lanza, who can also make recommendations about how to care for your ears in the future.

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Avoid Alternative Earwax Removal Methods!

We highly discourage the use of cotton swabs or other alternative earwax removal methods such as ear candles. Cotton swabs oftentimes push the earwax deeper into the ear canal, which, over time, could result in impacted earwax that will need to be removed by an audiologist. Impacted earwax could cause a feeling of “fullness” in your ears, or a new sense of hearing loss and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

If you feel you might have impacted earwax or need a professional ear cleaning, contact us! Dr. Lanza will determine the best course of action for your specific needs, and if necessary, she can professionally and safely clean your ears here at Better Life Hearing.

Earigator™ Cerumen Management System at Better Life Hearing

Better Life Hearing is proud to be the only clinic in the Weston area using the Earigator™ Cerumen Management System. Earigator’s earwax removal system offers automated temperature controls and feels like a soothing spa for your ears!

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lanza, who is familiar with the anatomy of your ear, for the method of cerumen removal and ear cleaning that is suitable for you. After a consultation and physical examination, Dr. Lanza will make recommendations based on the specifics of your ear structure. Following professional cleaning, we can discuss at-home products that can possibly help you avoid further impactions.

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Better Life with Better Hearing

Treating hearing loss can be life-changing. With the right treatment, you can reconnect with the world around you and live your life to the fullest. Whether it's through a hearing aid or a cochlear implant, treating hearing loss can give you the ability to hear the little things again. This means you can more easily talk with friends and family, enjoy music, and take part in activities you previously couldn't.

That's not all - treating hearing loss is important for safety as well. When you can hear, you can better stay aware of your surroundings, hear instructions and warnings, and communicate with others. Effective communication helps you stay connected to your loved ones and everyone else around you.

Treating hearing loss can have a huge impact on your overall quality of life by boosting confidence, independence, and social activity. With the right treatment, you can regain your quality of life and experience the world in a new way.

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